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Training is our expertise. We believe in the digital future and digital literacy. With our ability to work creatively, your website software and app ideas can come to life. Let’s build your future with impact.

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Data Science Courses


Master’s Program
in Data Science

12 Months | 420 Hours
18 Projects


Executive Program
in Data Science

06 Months | 250 Hours
13 Projects


Certificate course in
Data Mgmt. using BigData

03 Months | 123 Hours | 06 Projects | 01 Live Project


Certificate Course in
Artificial Intelligence

01 month | 45 Hours
02 Projects


Certificate course
in Tableau

03 Months | 123 Hours | 06 Projects
01 Live Project

certificate course in python

Certificate course
in Python Programming

03 Months | 123 Hours | 06 Projects
01 Live Project

big data mangment

Certificate Course
in Machine learning

 03 months | 90 Hours
04 Projects

Cyber Security Courses


Presidency Cyber Security
Bootcamp Course

09 Days | 18 Hours


Presidency Certified Program
in Cyber Security

06 Months | 240 Hours | 05 Projects
01 Live Project

High Demand Technology Training
& Digital Transformation


Being an extremely focused software development company, we cater to all your needs related to software development, mobile application, website development, and digital marketing services.

Our dedicated teams provide us with the edge to serve better to our clients, irrespective of size or industry. We deliver to a variety of sectors such as e-commerce, education, health & wellness, real- estate, retail, entertainment, and more.

Certification & Accreditation

Edge to your career

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E-learning Platform

A reliable learning platform for professionals, providing you the trending skills and technology courses. Start learning with our experienced trainers & mentors from the industry. Make utilization of our high-quality recorded classroom content. Get an edge in your career..


Virtual Interactive Training

Learn the skills in the real live interactive virtual classroom. Learn from anywhere, all you need is a laptop or desktop with a camera and internet connectivity. Our major courses are conducted live; hence you get a chance to learn from trainers in a live scenario.

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Classroom Based Training

Join back your school with our tech lab-based classroom training session and learn the advanced courses. Limited seat batch helps you effectively and get your queries answered in the same session. Work on live projects along with your batch mates and learn from them.

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